Applies to Canadian purchases only. Customers must purchase five items to qualify for one free item. The value of the free item will be the average price of the five purchases before taxes. This program applies to both in store and online purchases; however online purchases cannot be combined with in store purchases to qualify for the free item. Online customers must submit the required form in order to be eligible to redeem (1) free item. Nine West Customer Care will review all submissions to verify purchases and confirm eligibility within 24 hours via email. For in store customers, receipts of all purchases must be present for verification at the time of redemption. Once a free item has been rewarded, it will be deemed as final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged. Returned items will be voided from the program and will not count towards the free item. Should an item be returned after the free item has been rewarded, the value of the free item will be deducted from the refund amount before taxes. Program expires January 31st, 2017.*

* All decisions related to this program shall be made by Nine West Canada whose decision shall be final.

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